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As with most other things in life, the key to achieving your long-term financial objectives is a strategy. Your personal goal may be to fund your children's college education, protect your family during your working years, or guarantee your own retirement security. Your business goals may be to secure a strong foundation for the business in order to avoid catastrophic loss, bringing the next generation of your family in position to assume the helm, or to enable the sale and distribution of your business in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Since 1991, when Steven Weinkle became afiliated with New York Life Insurance Company as an insurance and investment professional, he have taken pride in being able to offer our clients a process to secure their well being. The ultimate goal of our process is to help you achieve that piece of mind that can only come from knowing that your affairs are in order.

Our process will allow you to look at where you are...where you would like to be... and to look at the ways to get from one place to the other if they differ. The process mainly consists of asking you questions...for the primary purpose of YOU listening to your own answers...and in listening to your own may discover that you have questions of your own...or the need to gather more information. When you're satisfied that you have the right answers, we will take those answers and review the information with the highly trained and specialized support staff in my office. We will then offer observations and suggestions involving insurance and financial products. When you review these observations and suggestions, you may conclude that you have certain problems which need solutions..Or you may not. But in any event, we promise that this process will help you crystallize your goals and if you believe that action is required to achieve those goals, we promise to help you take that action.

Of course, strategizing your financial future can be intimidating. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone. With the help of New York Life's resources and expertice, we can help you identify your financial needs and then determine which insurance and financial products can best help you meet your objectives.

Please use our website as a resource, and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or to schedule a meeting. Thank you for your interest.